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Mosaic Learning strives to support your student understand different subjects. Personalized instruction assists and encourages your student in the learning processes and helps increase self-esteem. Whether your student needs support understanding classroom curriculum topics, is struggling with specific learning differences, or you're looking for support navigating through the IEP process; Mosaic Learning’s friendly and compassionate Tutors and Educational Consultants are here to help.

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In today’s environment parents are struggling more than ever. The feelings of panic, anxiety and or failure surrounding the ability to keep everything running smoothly without neglecting your child’s learning needs are all-too-familiar everywhere. With almost 20 years of experience working with children with special needs; I hold a B.A in Child and Adolescent Psychology and a M.Ed in Special Education. Through knowledge and expertise I am highly skilled in supporting struggling learners understand key topics presented in the classroom. It can be overwhelming and heartbreaking seeing your child’s self-esteem decrease because remote learning is overwhelming and one on one learning time with the teacher is limited. My flexibility and creativity allows your student to maintain their self-esteem while supporting the development and improvement of their academic skills. I am experienced with ABA and the development/ implementation of IEP goals to enhance your student’s academic achievement. This expertise allows for a customary and a personalization of academic instruction platforms that ensures your student’s individual learning needs are met. Collaboration with both teachers and parents ensures not only your student’s unique learning differences who are struggling with grade level learning expectations, but also students with autism, learning disabilities, developmental delays and behavioral issues are supported so that they may be and feel successful. I am a kind hearted and compassionate professional who thrives on developing hands-on lessons and differentiation of instruction to address the needs of each individual child. Let me help you and your child cope and find a sense of calm among all the stress and anxiety that is surrounding education today.

                                                                       ~Dena Cillo M.Ed

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