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Empowering Education For All

Our range of services is designed to empower families navigating the complexities of special education. We craft personalized Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) while ensuring legal compliance and offer guidance in the 504 plan process for students not requiring IEPs. Our advocacy secures appropriate special education placements and aids parents in assessment processes. We help interpret educational records, mediate conflicts, and actively advocate in educational meetings. Additionally, we educate parents on their rights and responsibilities, support transitions, and connect families with community resources. We provide behavioral guidance and promote assistive technologies, periodically revising IEPs as needed. Our advocacy training equips parents and caregivers while offering expert educational advice. Through workshops, we educate about students' rights in special education. We also provide essential emotional support.

Furthermore, we offer comprehensive instructional coaching for both homeschool and district educators. These coaching programs aim to enhance teaching practices, ensuring educators can effectively support students with diverse learning needs. Finally, we assist in long-term educational planning to ensure consistent support throughout students' educational journeys.

In the Classroom

Dena Cillo M.E.d

Hello, I'm Dena, a dedicated special education teacher, and I want to share with you my heartfelt commitment to supporting your child's academic journey. With over a decade of experience, my passion lies in helping struggling learners not just succeed but thrive in their educational pursuits. I firmly believe that each student has unique learning needs, and my mission is to provide them with the personalized tools and strategies they need to excel.

My educational background includes a B.A. in child and adolescent psychology and an M.Ed. in special education. I've worked extensively with students facing various learning challenges, including those with learning disabilities, autism, and emotional and behavioral hurdles. I'm well-versed in differentiated instruction, multi-sensory learning, and assistive technology.

My expertise extends to working with teachers as an educational instructional coach, where I collaborate closely with educators to ensure your child receives the personalized attention they deserve. I tailor the curriculum to meet your child's unique needs and craft Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), personalized learning activities, and custom materials. I use differentiated instruction, multi-sensory learning, ABA techniques, and assistive technology to empower your child to achieve academic success while preserving their self-esteem.

I want you to know that collaboration is at the heart of my approach. I'll work closely with you, teachers, and other professionals to ensure your child receives the personalized instruction they require. My ultimate goal as a special education teacher is to empower your child, helping them achieve academic success and personal growth.

I'm excited to join you and your child on this educational journey, witnessing their growth and accomplishments as they acquire new skills. Together, we'll create a safe and inclusive learning environment that fosters academic growth and achievement.

Dena Woman smiling, Green eyes, and brown hair

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