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Mosaic Learning strives to support your student understand different subjects. Personalized instruction assists and encourages your student in the learning processes and helps increase self-esteem. Whether your student needs support understanding classroom curriculum topics, is struggling with specific learning differences, or you're looking for support navigating through the IEP process; Mosaic Learning’s friendly and compassionate Tutors and Educational Consultants are here to help.

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Dena Cillo M.E.d

Hello! My name is Dena, and I am a dedicated special education teacher passionate about helping struggling learners achieve academic success. I have over a decade of experience supporting students in understanding key topics presented in the classroom and empowering them to feel confident and capable.


My approach to teaching is centered around flexibility, creativity, and personalized instruction. I believe that every student has unique learning needs and that it's my responsibility to provide them with the tools and strategies they need to succeed. 


My academic qualifications include a B.A. degree in child and adolescent psychology and an M.Ed. in special education. In addition, I have extensive experience working with students with diverse learning needs, learning disabilities, autism, and emotional and behavioral challenges. I deeply understand differentiated instruction, multi-sensory learning, and assistive technology, all of which I use to support the development and improvement of your student’s academic skills. Also, I am enrolled in an Applied Behavioral Analysis (BCBA) Graduate program at Ball State University, which has deepened my understanding of ABA techniques and reinforced my commitment to developing and implementing effective strategies that promote academic growth and success.


My expertise in supporting learners' diverse learning needs through prioritization of the curriculum to include appropriate accommodations and modifications that not only meet each learner where they are in the moment but also continue to facilitate gains surrounding skill deficits. The development/implementation of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), Individualized learning goals, customized learning activities, and materials, enables me to personalize daily academic instruction to meet each student's unique learning needs. My expertise in using differentiated instruction, multi-sensory learning, ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis), and assistive technology successfully enables me to personalize academic instruction to meet each student's unique learning needs.

support the continued development and improvement of my student's academic and social skills.


To ensure my students receive the individualized instruction that best supports their learning needs, I prioritize collaboration and teamwork with teachers, parents, and other professionals to ensure every student gets the necessary support to succeed academically. My primary goal as a special education teacher is to empower my students and help them achieve academic success while maintaining their self-esteem.


I'm excited to work with your child and watch them succeed in learning new skills while feeling good about themselves. Together, we'll create a safe and inclusive learning environment that fosters academic growth and achievement for all students.

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